Pattern 10 - The Skane Bow   Period - 1525 or earlier   Length - 28-30 inches


The Skane Bow, model 10, is our least expensive medieval-style crossbow. It's fitted with the simple but robust push-pin lock, actuated by a bottom-mounted wooden lever. An archaeological excavation in the early 20th century recovered two all-wood crossbows from the moat of Swedish Skane Castle , which was destroyed in a peasant uprising around 1525. Our version of this simple peasant-bow is fitted with the standard aluminum-alloy prod and wooden trigger/lever.

Features: The notch/push-pin lock is robust and very quick to load, making it an excellent entry-level bow for recreational shooting and combat-games. On the down-side, notch-locks will wear bowstrings faster than a roller lock and a certain amount of energy is lost through the 'slap' action of the string against the bolt. Despite these drawbacks, the Skane bow gives excellent value for the money and should provide many trouble-free years of service.

Made in oak, with aluminum-alloy prod, steel foot-stirrup, brass bolt-clip/string-snubber and hardwood thumb pins, to facilitate loading from the hip. A real bargain.


Base Price - The Skane Bow - $220

Standard Features

Wood trigger

Leather stirrup

Cord-bound Lath

Linseed oil finish

Purchase also includes -

  • Lath string, plus one extra string
  • 4 basic quarrels with white fletching

Standard Choices (Included in Base Price)

Your choice of wood for main body

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak

Available Options

Included Options -

  • Choice of wood for main body

Tung Oil Finish - $30

Wooden Lockplates - $12

Bone Notch - $15

Micrata-lined arrow groove - $40

Leather covered prod - $25

Steel Stirrup - $15