Pattern 1 - The Straight Bow   Period - 1100 - 1550   Length - 28 - 32 inches


This is a very common bow throughout medieval and renaissance Europe.

It may be rectangular in cross-section (western Europe) or oval in cross-section (central Europe) The stock has a grooved top to guide the quarrels (bolts) and is usually rather plain, The pattern was in use from tenth through sixteenth centuries, with a number of variations.


Base Price - The Straight Bow - $330

Standard Features

´╗┐Steel trigger

Steel stirrup

Cord bound Lath

Delrin nut and shelf socket

Linseed oil finish

Contrasting wood veneer top

Inlet rawhide lockplates

Purchase also includes -

  • Lath string, plus one extra string
  • 4 basic quarrels with white fletching

Standard Choices (Included in Base Price)

Your choice of wood for main body

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak

Your choice of wood veneer top -

  • Maple
  • Walnut

Your choice of cross-section

  • Oval
  • Square

Your choice of color for rawhide lockplates

Available Options

Included Options -

  • Choice of wood for main body
  • Choice of weed veneer top
  • Coice of oval or square cross section

Tung Oil Finish - $30

Wooden Lockplates - $12

Horn Release - $95

Micrata-lines arrow groove - $40

Bow Irons - $95

Basic Sights - $30

Renaissance Sights - $85

Steel Lath - $80